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Federation of Master Builders

The Federation of Master Builders was established in the UK more than 60 years ago. It is a trade association that was formed to benefit small to medium sized businesses, and has now grown into the largest UK trade association for the building industry. The FMB is wholly independent and is a non-profit venture, designed for the interests of its members.

The FMB provides a network of advice and support for its registered members, and offers up to date services to keep them ahead of the building game.

However, the existence of the Federation of Master Builders does not just benefit its members. Membership is available only to those who follow a strict Code of Practice, which means that if you employ an FMB member you are safeguarding the quality of your work; or in a rare instance where you may be unsatisfied, there is an independent body to review your case.

Code of Practice:

A building contractor must renew his membership to the FMB on an annual basis, and must agree to adhere to the Code of Practice given by the Federation. This covers:

Planning – An FMB builder must provide impartial, professional advice, and must not quote on a request that he/she has no time to do. The builder must have the necessary insurance, and should provide a quote that states clearly what is or is not included by the price. The FMB prides itself on its Plain English Contracts.

During – An FMB builder must honour your contract/agreement, and keep you informed of progress or any arising issues. Any materials that are used must meet your prior approval, and any extra cost that occurs must be agreed in writing. The builder must treat you and your property with respect.

Completion – An FMB builder will brief you on guarantees/instructions and maintenance before leaving, and must leave the site clean. A further date should be arranged for a visit in case any issues arise.

MasterBond Warranty:

The FMB's warranty scheme was first launched in 1980 to offer inexpensive third party insurance to the small to medium sized building business. It exists to protect the interests of the customer and to provide a reputable basis for the building company itself.

It is now called the MasterBond Warranty, and now covers ten years as opposed to five.

The MasterBond Warranty benefits both the builder and his client; in that the client is assured of third party assistance if required, and the builder has a more secure service to offer his increasing circle of clients!

European Builders Confederation:

The European Builders Confederation is a conglomeration of national building federations for small-medium sized businesses from states of the European Union and Switzerland. The EBC contains around 350,000 building employers, of which the Federation of Master Builders was a founder member.


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